La blonde exotique, the unique beer made with real fruit

For this new beer launched in 2023, La Bestiale has left its beloved Ardennes forests to take its customers to the rainforest with a refreshing, thirst-quenching exotic fruity beer proudly represented by a toucan.

La Bestiale exotique is a fine and exceptional product in more ways than one. Unlike the fruity beers usually made with flavors and syrups commonly found on the market, la Bestiale Exotique is a beer made with real exotic fruits (mango, passion fruit, lime…).

A beer with a noble composition, refreshing and thirst-quenching, slightly acidic and gourmet… all in a light beer at 4.8% with good length. The kind of beer you want to drink all summer long!

Vol. ALC.


EBC: 5

IBU: 18


With a clear desire to offer a range that would appeal to all beer lovers, La Bestiale set itself the challenge of creating its own version of the fruity beer, in keeping with the values and rules of the art it holds dear.

And to stand out from the flavored or syrup-based beers commonly considered fruity, the recipe for la Bestiale exotique was not easy to find, as a unique beer required a unique process.

In keeping with Bestiale’s DNA, la Bestiale exotique is therefore a beer made by instinct, but by the book.


La Bestiale exotique is the fruit of a long process of over 9 variants, trial and error, blending and composition between different yeasts and fruits, to arrive at a noble product, unparalleled on the market.

The key to his recipe (without divulging its finest secrets) is to leave the fruit in the tank during fermentation… The result is a real beer with real fruit, which tastes like beer, but in which the fruit has left all its aromas… without the sugar!