Our project

More than a beer, it’s a universe

The Bestiale history

La Bestiale is first and foremost a story of audacity. A history of status quo which we challenge. That of Simon Charlier, a geographer and urban planner by profession, who once listened to this almost animal instinct that was getting louder and louder. Awaken the beast that’s in you. Think outside the box. Dare. Explore. Create. Share.

It then became a story of entrepreneurship. While we were still brewing as an amateur to better understand the product, we were able to rely on the help of a pre-activity grant given by the Walloon Region as well as on the precious lessons of ISla à Huy in launching our first brews in 2015, determined to create a universe where we could invest ourselves within our passion. Then begins a real entrepreneurial adventure dotted with obstacles but crowned with success.

Lastly, la Bestiale is above all a story of friendship. With the help of friends who have become professional partners and professional partners who have become friends, after a record crowdfunding and archi-complete tastings to test its new products, a true growing community of Sauvageons has been built around the Bestiale, sharing the values that define it: curiosity, respect and conviviality.

The Bestiale adventure

The Bestiale adventure is for the audacious, the curious, those who, like us, are driven by a fiery desire to make new discoveries, through this deep respect for the product and authenticity, this animal instinct which pushes them to go the limits of their horizons even further, this simple pleasure of enjoying good things, good times, with the right people.

The brewing project

More than a beer, la Bestiale aims to become a real universe. We are currently working on the development of a 100 % made in Liège brewery.

A brewery that will also be fun, where the curious and amateurs can taste our beers produced on site while watching the brewer at work and can learn more about the wonders of the brewing world.

A brewery under the sign of co-creation, because our visitors will be invited to actively participate in the development of future products by appointing the best test brews being developed. A method that works and is especially important to us, thanks to the participation of 200 people in the tasting of three prototypes where our first beer, la Bestiale Blonde, was born.

Finally, a brewery also dedicated for experimentation, since we will also be giving importance to local producers and seasonal products via the tasting of exclusive temporary brews, available only in our brewery. Special yeasts, a particular spice or surplus production… We will take our visitors in discovering new flavors and new horizons. That’s all from the Bestiale universe.