La blonde, the beer with personality

A blonde with personality that’s slightly amber, with a creamy and majestic foam, which makes the greatest jealous.

Quite bitter, it’s nevertheless pleasant thanks to the hops which make the aromas of citruses, mango and exotic fruits explode on the palate.

La Bestiale has zero additives, zero artificial flavors and zero added sugars, for 6.2% alcohol, 100% natural ingredients and 100% pleasure!

Vol. ALC.


EBC: 20

IBU: 33


It was in 2015 that our first brews were born. In all, more than 200 people will have participated in the tasting of three prototypes. Thanks to their comments and opinions, the product has further evolved to finally become la Bestiale Blonde. What is the goal? Offer a beer appreciated by its consumers, without distorting the product and follows our values.


La Bestiale Blonde is a high fermentation beer. It is the combination of the purest Belgian tradition (Belgian Ale) with a touch of a little madness especially with regards to the hops of Anglo-Saxon inspiration.