La blonde légère, the beer of desire

La blonde légère is a sassy beer with a bright blonde complexion. Light, but not too much. Hoppy, but not too much, light to drink, but stands up for itself.

Fresh and thirst-quenching with its unveiled lemon and grapefruit flavors by the hops, it nevertheless retains its personality and bestiality.

La Bestiale Légère has zero additives, zero artificial flavors and zero added sugars, for 4.8% alcohol (only), 100% natural ingredients and 100% pleasure!

Vol. ALC.


EBC: 5

IBU: 18


It was in 2019 that the Bestial légère frolicked for the first time in the Fiery City. Subjected to the same test as its big sister 4 years ago, it will also be adapted following the remarks of the tasting participants. What is the goal? Offer a beer appreciated by its consumers, without distorting the product and follows our values.


La Bestiale Blonde Légère is just like her sister, a high fermentation beer. It is the combination of the purest Belgian tradition (Belgian Ale) with a touch of a little madness; especially with regards to the hops of Anglo-Saxon inspiration.